The Legal DNA

At PRA - Raposo, Sá Miranda & Associados is our aim to be continually evolving and learning, so that we are always prepared to respond to new challenges and to the most demanding client expectations and needs. To achieve this:

- We promote the depth of the analysis of law and the pragmatism of legal solutions;

- We cultivate autonomy, creativity and innovation;

- We establish reliable relationships of proximity with our Clients so that we can be an effective asset to them;

- We encourage the sharing as a group, with respect to the individuality of each one, recognizing the essential role of each and everyone in the development of the firm;

- We develop long-term relationships, encouraging the loyalty of Clients, team, suppliers and partners;

- We promote the accomplishment of the team to comply with the Quality Management System requirements;

- We systematically innovate and improve the quality of our processes and services, always aiming to achieve a greater effectiveness and efficiency in what we do;

- We are committed to comply with legal and regulatory requirements in the conduct of our business;