Litigation and Arbitration

The area of Litigation and Arbitration has a wide experience and expertise in preventive advising and consulting in the area of the consumer law, insurance law, maritime law, transport law, environmental law, contractual and extra-contractual civil liability, commercial law, waste law, water law, criminal law, among others not handled directly by the respective areas of practice; in the monitoring, conducting, orientation and development of declaratory actions, pre-trial procedures, criminal-cases, ensuring the monitoring since the grounding phase, curative act, trial and appeals, as well as of inquiry, prosecution and trial. The team advises and monitors arbitrations in all the several phases.

Highlighted from the General Litigation is the Infraction proceeding that, with a deeper expertise in the preventive consulting and orientation of cases in the most different law areas, ensures and monitors the cases since the administrative phase of Inquiry to the judicial phase, promoting and developing the right to be heard through and the elaboration of written defenses, petitions, examination of witnesses, judicial challenges, trial hearings and appeals.

National Head of Practice: Carlos Duque