Bearing in mind our clients’ needs, the Corporate area is divided into three fundamental branches: corporate governance, operations and internationalization.

The first one is oriented to the accompaniment of our client’s daily tasks, not only on what concerns the operational decisions but also, on what concerns to the compliance to the respective activity and the observation of the compliance of all rules and good practices applicable to the development, growth and consolidation of the activity.

On its turn, the second one is oriented to the several transactions and operations from a simple equity transfer to the execution of share purchase agreement (SPA), restructuring, transformations, mergers and divisions, public offering operations and corporate debt instruments. It is also an integral part of this area the implementation and coordination of due diligences, whether or not extended to other areas of activity of the office.

Regarding the internationalization of our clients, the team acts in various operations, both in terms of international partnerships, and for the incorporation of corporate vehicles in various jurisdictions. Together with its international partners, works not only as a defining entity of the vehicle to be used but also as a supervisor, in a logic of in-house lawyer, setting up the bridge between the client and local authorities, ensuring the implementation of the projects and the subsequent follow up.

National Head of Practice: Pedro Raposo