In the global context we live in today, companies are present in various parts of the world, developing increasingly complex operations. The analysis of these transactions must also be made from a tax perspective, which takes on greater importance in the efficient planning of companies’ activities.

In the area of tax practice, we provide in an integrated form, tax consultancy services, supporting our clients in the resolution of the various questions put to them, within the framework of their activities. This advice is given support is provided both to private individuals and companies, in all lines of business.

We work closely with our clients in the various stages of their activities and work together with other practice areas in order to provide the most efficient solutions. We assist our clients in the compliance of their tax obligations and in the clarification of issues related to the filling of tax returns, rendering tax advisory services regarding all taxes and Social Security.

We also represent our Clients in tax litigation cases, both at the administrative and the judicial phases.

National Head of Practice: Nuno Oliveira Santos