Real Estate and Investment Vehicles

The Real Estate and Investment team of PRA- Raposo Sá Miranda & Associados is responsible for the consulting, advising, sponsoring and follow-up of Clients and special operations, in the areas of the litigation of real estate law, drafting, negotiation and procurement and other areas of Private Law, as well as by the constitution and follow-up of special vehicles for the real estate investment. The area advises in the real estate transactions, reports and conducts Real Estate Due Diligences, particular procurement and land registry, real estate management and monitoring of real estate mediation companies, real estate administration and management, including condominium monitoring and respective real estate administration and management and advising, also, in the area of touristic resort and local accommodation.

As to the constitution of Special Vehicles for the Real Estate Investment we accompany investment funds, real estate management companies, ensuring the assistance in the area of real estate financing and construction, including horizontal property, shoppings and other sets of commercial exploration, urban planning and territorial management instruments, municipality licensing of urban operations, industrial/commercial and environmental licensing.

The team is also responsible for advising bank operations and financing models, generally associated to warranties over real estate assets.

National Head of Practice: Catarina Costa Lopes