The PRA Labour team is dynamic, monitoring the evolution of economic activity sectors and it covers both the consulting branch as the litigation one. Our lawyers assist companies, or individuals, so that they act in permanent compliance, preventing disputes. This team operates at the level of procurement, through the monitoring of the undertaking of the employer and of the employee, on hiring, duration and termination of employment contracts. We further ensure the elaboration of internal regulations and codes of conduct. Additionally, we provide advice in all matters relating to Social Security, as much as to the obtaining of subsidies and bonuses to hire, as well as on the advising regarding contributory issues. We provide assistance in the establishment, organisation and determine the material and human resources required in the framework of prevention of occupational risks.

As to collective negotiation, our team is prepared to accompany the IRCTs negotiation (collective labour regulation instruments), on behalf of the companies and their associations, as well as in representation of workers, trade unions and workers ' committees. In the area of training, our team ensures the accomplishment of training actions, prepared in accordance with the needs of the Client. Finally, and in the litigation stage, we accompany actions at the Courts and also at the various Administrative Authorities.

National Head of Practice: Joana de Sá