Intellectual Property and Privacy

The growing relevance of Intellectual Property (IP) demands a global reply. In order to assure its enforcement and defence, we handle IP in a broad and comprehensive way, and we carry all the litigation related to it. In Copyright and Related Rights, we promote the negotiation and the enforcement of rights, aiming both the protection and the exploitation of the most varied types of intellectual works. We also keep up Internet and IT contracting related issues. Within Industrial Property issues, we conduct the maintenance, enforcement and protection through applications and related contracts drafting, namely, regarding trademarks, designs and patents, and we are able to submit applications to all the Offices of which Portugal is a Member State, as well as in other countries, through local partnerships.

As to Privacy and Personal Data, we accompany all the authorisations and notification procedures before the Portuguese Data Protection Authority (CNPD); we conduct privacy impact assessments and audits (monitorization, data transfers and legal compliance; authorities investigations; marketing; online privacy issues; security issues and access requests), we draft legal opinions, personal data related contracts, and privacy policies. Commercial practices, advertising, merchandising, sales force, and distance sales, illustrate the need of this work. Lastly, within the area of Communication and Advertising, we carry on with the litigation resulting from the media, media agencies, advertising agencies, press agencies, or any other party involved into the communication process.

National Head of Practice: Gonçalo Gil Barreiros