Credit Recovery and Insolvency

The area of Credit Recovery and Insolvency has extensive experience in all common or alternative means of judicial recovery, ensuring all its conduct and monitoring of the mechanisms, procedural, personal and accounting procedures, leading to the insolvency or recovery of collective or individuals.

Regarding the recovery of credit great importance is given to extrajudicial debt negotiation that is systematically and immediately conducted through specialized structure in the pre-litigation stage. We also provide advice and preventive monitoring in terms of the day-to-day management with economic partners, such as Clients, suppliers, creditors and debtors. The team is also responsible for large-scale litigation and litigation management of client portfolios in terms of enforcing payment of claims and in the aspect of safeguarding the rights of the debtor.

The area of insolvency and business recovery aims at, in a specialized form, providing a personalized service not only in the preparation as in monitoring of the procedural, personal and accounting mechanisms, regarding the insolvency or recovery of collective or natural people, ensuring at the same time a hands-on role in the safeguarding of clients’ credits under the mentioned processes, in particular through PER, SIREVE, PERSI and PARI.

National Head of Practice: Susana Santos Valente