Pharmacy and Medicines Economic Unit

PRA, through its Economic Unit for Pharmacy and Medicines, intends to provide its clients with a highly specialised consulting service, designed in the light of the specifics of each business, and enabling the client to provide all the tools to guarantee compliance, optimisation of resources and means of production, and a prominent position in the market in which it operates.

Our goal is that our Clients’ focus be kept on what truly matters for the day to day activity and growth of each business.

The role of PRA is based, in a business partnership perspective, on constant and cross-sectional support and assistance, giving answers and presenting the necessary and appropriate solutions to each structure.

Focus Areas

  • Pharmaceutical industry | pharmaceutical distribution | workshop pharmacies | public and private hospitals | other pharmaceutical sector operators
  • Marketing authorization for reference and generic medicines;
  • Import and export of medicines;
  • Clinical trials;
  • State’s co-payment of medicines;
  • Licensing of entities holding authorization for wholesale distribution of medicines;
  • Licensing of pharmacies and all matters associated with their regular operation;
  • Licensing of the activity related to the cultivation, manufacture and wholesale of controlled substances such as cannabis sativa;
  • Food supplements;
  • Cosmetic products;
  • Required or voluntary legal and arbitration processes involving pharmaceutical matters;
  • Administrative offense proceedings initiated by regulatory authorities;
  • Advertising in the pharmaceutical sector;
  • Support for industrial relations activities by companies in the sector;
  • Registration of trademarks and patents.

National Head of Practice: Joana de Sá