Bodily Injury Economic Unit

The emerging rights resulting from road or aviation accidents, accidents at work, sports accidents, medical negligence, dangerous activities and violent crimes, with serious and permanent consequences for the physical integrity of the victim, lack a high level of experience and accuracy in dealing with issues relating to the proof of the harmful event, the assessment of damages, the interpretation and the application of a law, which is constantly evolving due to legislative activity, jurisprudential practice and doctrinal production.

The victim of bodily injury is, in general, in a situation of total fragility or inequality of resources before the State or the insurers in a long, complex and inappropriate legal system to the demands of a rapid response.

PRA's legal intervention focuses on the praxis of support and proximity, rapid response and always in close relationship with the clients, bearing in mind the difficulties that they usually go through.

PRA also ensures that the client benefits, in an agile and fast manner, from the contribution of all its services, the follow-up and the resolution of related issues, such as, for instance, the activation of the insurance associated with the home loan, the processing of a request for early retirement due to disability, tax planning or any family and inheritance law matters.

Head of Unit: Afonso Duarte