Entertainment Economic Unit

The establishment, in 2018, of the Support Fund for Tourism, Cinema and Audiovisual, with the cash rebate mechanism as an instrument for attracting foreign investment for cinematographic and audiovisual works in Portugal, together with other production incentive programs, both regional and European, and also with international co-production institutions, will hopefully sustain the growth of the national cinema and television production sector in the near future.

The quality of the national companies in this sector, and the privileged conditions of our territory, with the variety of landscapes and the mild weather, as well as the growing organization and simplification of administrative procedures, following the international growth trend, with the expansion of video-on-demand platforms as well as the polarization of streaming, and the wide variety and popularization of supports, also contribute to a favorable prognosis for the growth of this sector.

The number of music festivals and entertainment events in the various areas of culture has been showing signs of sustained growth, only interrupted by the pandemic state caused by the COVID-19 virus. These events, for the most part, are organized by companies with a great experience of know-how, but in need of a more specialized legal support, given the high legal complexity regarding the effective responsibilities of the players, taking into account the chains of copyright and related rights involved, as well as the necessary licensing and contracting inherent to the events. Also, artists, creatives and performers need specialized support, given the specificity of their activity.

Through the Entertainment Economic Unit, PRA seeks to provide its clients with a very specialized consultancy service focused on all phases of projects, including foreign clients (individual or corporate persons) looking for the development of their activity in Portugal.

Focus Areas

  • Advice on finance/financial assembly;
  • Assistance in preparing applications for financing means;
  • Preparation of specific contracts;
  • Representation of clients with the collective rights management entities, the Ministry of Culture, and public or private administrative entities;
  • Labour consultancy specialized in Collective Labour Contract between the Portuguese Association of Cinematographic Companies and the Union of Telecommunications and Audiovisual Workers; Labour litigation in matters related to the CCT;
  • Administrative litigation in matters related to public financing contracts;
  • Advice on technical aspects and obligations in the organization and participation in shows;
  • Monitoring the licensing of premises and previous communications that are due;
  • Verification of copyright, intellectual property and data protection.

National Head of Practice: Rute Oliveira Serôdio