Transport Economic Unit

The area of ​​Transport is strategic for all economic activities and its performance influences the competition of the Portuguese enterprise sector.

In the last decade, we have witnessed an increase in the intensity of the activity of transport, which corresponded to an equally intense political agenda.

The sector is facing some problems, such as the current economic context, fuel costs, the excess of operators and labour shortages, pressure on prices, lack of activity regulation and challenges such as intermodal transport, e-commerce, technology, and environmental concerns, among others.

PRA, through the Transport Economic Unit, ensures that the Transport/Forwarder client has a smooth and permanent response from all PRA departments, being the heart of this unit based on the know-how of the business.

Focus Areas

  • Labour advice specialized in the Collective Labor Convention Antram-Festru;
  • Labour litigation in matters related to the CCT;
  • Specialized Due Diligence regarding transport companies;
  • Advice on sector tax obligations;
  • Assistance in the negotiation and conclusion of logistics contracts for outsourcing services and transport contracts, as well as in relation to contractual clauses for deposit and storage of goods;
  • Incorporation of companies with a permit for transport;
  • Assistance in structuring, negotiating and concluding mergers, acquisitions, and other similar operations, as well as joint venture agreements, among others.

National Head of Practice: Helena Braga Marques